Puppy fever

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Me and Scout
me smothering my dad's dog, Scout, when I still lived in Vancouver

You know how some people have baby fever? Well, I have puppy fever and it's bad. Almost everyday I try to convince husband that we should get a dog, and everyday the answer is the same: "No yard, no dice." I know he's right for that reason and a million other ones. But it just doesn't change the fact that I want a puppy and I want one now. And it doesn't help that my favourite dog in the whole wide world, Scout, still lives in Canada. Boo.

I miss her so much!

Me and Jezebel
And here I am trying to steal my friend's new puppy, Jezebel.

Max the beagle
Max the beagle, who we recently took care of for a few weeks. I miss him a lot.
And look at him spooning with the sick cat. I mean, c'mon!


In a last ditch effort to convince husband, I've been trying to tell him that we could get a small dog (even though neither of us is particularly fond of small dogs). I do have a soft spot for daschunds though, especially this one. Photo found here.

p.p.s. Please excuse me while I go stick my head in the freezer.


  1. Aww adorable puppies! And that last picture is hilarious/adorable!

    PS - Happy Australia Day!!
    (according to my calendar it is Australia Day and I thought of you)


  2. Thanks Anna! We had a pretty fun Australia day, despite the heat. x

  3. Oh I don't know how I would live without a dog! That last pic is hilarious. Wrong. But hilarious!

  4. Therer is nothing better than a Mini Daschund. I had one growing up and it was a wonderful dog. I am going to get one for my children one day soonish :)

  5. oh. my. god.
    that photo is too effing cute.
    I want a dog to stuff in a bun!


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