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Thursday, February 3, 2011

husband's shoe rack

close up of shoe rack
this was supposed to be a close up shot of the shoe rack, but instead it's more of a close up shot of my shoes. oops.

I thought I would switch it up a bit and brag on my husband by sharing his creative space. For the last few days he's been working on something that I've wanted for a while: a shoe rack. He came up with the design himself and made it completely from scratch. I'm so proud of him, and happy that our shoes now have a nice place to sit. You can see more creative spaces here at Kootoyoo.

And while I'm on the topic of my husband, I feel that I should mention that for many reasons he will remain anonymous on this blog. I will never post a photo of his face or use his real name. I hate to be mysterious and/or annoying, but that's just the way it's got to be. For the last few weeks I've been referring to him as "husband" here, but it's kind of driving me nuts. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alias? Or does anyone else blog while keeping their partners anonymous? I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions.


  1. Gorgeous shoe rack...and fab shoe collection!

  2. um, that's awesome! he made it from scratch!

    as for an alias...i know it's tough. sometimes something totally random that makes sense to you works.

  3. Great shoe rack! Well done to your mr. I tried to be all mysterious with my family at first but now just let it all hang out, im afraid.

  4. Cute! Gotta love a shoe rack!
    Sophie x

  5. my boyfriend is the same. he gets very mad about me posting blog posts and if i really ever mention him he gets quite narky so he remains anonymous too!
    i've been toying with the idea of using his initials to identify him because at the moment he's 'the boyfriend' or 'the boy', maybe that's an idea?

  6. also, i am very jealous of your shoe rack right now :D

  7. Cute shoes! (The shoe rack is also nice, haha.) Maybe just call him "Mister"?


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