On craft fairs and secret dreams

Friday, February 18, 2011

For the last little while I've been dropping hints (here, here and here) about a project that I've been working on. And now that I have photos, I'm excited to finally be able to share just what that project is. When I wrote about doing yoga teacher training this year, I said that it had long been a secret dream of mine to become a yoga teacher. Well, another secret dream of mine is to open an etsy shop and participate in craft fairs. And guess what? I'm doing my first craft fair ever next Saturday! I'll be selling my handmade fascinators and hair accessories Saturday February 26 at the Kinokuniya craft fair here in Sydney. If you're free, and you live in Sydney, come on down. I'd love to see you! I'm also hoping to open an etsy shop asap, and tick off another goal. I'm telling you, 2011, it's the year of secret dreams.

Last weekend I got together with my mother in law, Julia, and two of my gorgeous friends, Alexandra and Kathryn, to take some photos of my wares. Julia was the brilliant photographer, and Alexandra, Kathryn and I modeled. I'm so pleased with how all of the photos turned out, and grateful to everyone for helping me. Take a peak...


Kathryn on the left, me on the right


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  2. Gaby, your headbands and hair clips are so cute!! That's so exciting that you're going to be at a craft fair AND open an etsy shop!
    I feel honoured to have a Gaby-made hair flower :)
    (Vanessa gave me one of the ones she wore at your wedding)

  3. ooh. all pretty girls. you have really pretty friends. my favorite headband is the black one on you when you're looking down. so elegant.

  4. You guys are gorgeous! As are your creations!!

  5. So sweet & elegant. I love the vintage feel of the pieces. Hooray for secret dreams & making them come true!
    Have a gorgeous weekend!
    P.S. Yes they were anzacs... but now they're all gone :(
    P.P.S. Chickens in the house???? Don't do it! They're nice, but not that nice. I'm on 5 acres & they still come & poo on my doormat. Yucko.

  6. Gaby they are stunning!!!!
    I wish you so much luck on your new creative venture but something tells me you wont need luck.
    My favourites are the stars but I really love them all. So whimsical and beautiful and vintage feeling.
    Hooray for secret dreams coming true.

  7. Fantastic photos! You've got a great-looking group of models, too. Very nice.

  8. What beautiful headbands - you are one talented lady! And major kudos to you for completing two secret dreams already this year - it's only February!

    You weren't wrong when you said you rarely get bored - I am inspired to fulfil some secret dreams of my own now....e

  9. so exciting! wish the craft fair was a litttttle closer so i could see firsthand!

  10. Oh absolutely GOOD ON YOU! It all looks fabulous (and the pics are terrific). Now are you still breathing or still in the inevitable pre-market conniption mode?

  11. I would love to purchase some of these! When you get your shop set up will you please post it?!
    THANK you!

  12. Hi Gaby,

    I saw your post on The Shine Project and wanted to hop on over and say good luck with the craft fair and the etsy shop! The hair accessories are beautiful so keep up the good work!



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