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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Two of my cute-as-a-button vintage clutches. The one on the left was made from an old tea towel and a pillowcase, and the one on the right was made from some Anna Maria Horner scraps.


My super-cute tote, made from Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks line.

When I first started sewing about a year and a half ago, the first craft book that I bought was Meet me at Mike's by Pip Lincoln. And boy oh boy has that book served me well! At this point I've made at least half of the projects in the book, and I've loved each and every one. After I tried my hand at the simple coasters, I turned my attention to some of the gorgeous bag patterns. At first I tried the Cute-as-a-button vintage clutch, and after sewing the entire top shut and unpicking more stitches than I care to recall, I finally had something that resembled a clutch. And that's the pink bird clutch you see in the top photo. Since then I've made so many of these, both to keep and to give away. They're simple to make (now that I'm not such a novice ), don't require much fabric and look pretty darn cute hanging off your wrist. Once I had that mastered, I moved on to the Super-cute tote. Again, I had some problems that were mostly to do with being a brand new beginner. But I did end up with a bag, and a huge sense of accomplishment at having figured out another pattern. So if you're new to sewing but you want to make cute things, I can't recommend this book enough. Happy sewing!


  1. Those are awesome...I need to get my patience on and get back to sewing!

  2. This is adorable. I know the basics of sewing but really want to learn how to create things! I made that a goal for 2011

  3. Well done!

    Keep up the good work.

  4. love the clutches. i am so into clothes i don't even remember that it might be fun to sew some accessories!

  5. Clever lady. You are inspiring me to tackle the sewing project I have been putting off lately...just need a lazy Sunday afternoon though...

  6. These are too cute, Gaby!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be sure to follow 'this little port' - everything is so cute and crafty!
    I hope all is well with you :)

  7. I agree. It is a good book to turn to for the quick and breezy projects with minimal hair-pulling. Your clutches are bloomin' gorgeous!

  8. I am SO glad you posted this little post! I am a brand new sewer (just got my first sewing machine) and I wanted some easy projects to start out with.. From your pictures, these are so adorable! I'm just afraid I'm not going to be able to make them look as pretty as yours... but you've inspired me to try! :)


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