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Monday, February 28, 2011

Kinokuniya craft fair
my friends Kathryn and Henar stopping by to keep me company

So here's the thing... as you know, I did my first craft fair this Saturday at the Kinokuniya bookshop in the city. To be perfectly honest, it was kind of disappointing. It just wasn't really what I was expecting, and I left feeling a bit down. That being said, I'm really glad I did it because I learned a lot, from how to set up a table quickly, to which products catch people's eye. All useful things. I also had lots of sweet friends and family come to visit me, keep me company and bring me treats. I was also lucky enough to have a family member offer to help me when my husband had to work. She went with me, helped me set up and take down, and spent the whole day with me sitting at my booth. I'm so thankful that she was there! I'm sharing this because as much as I want my blog to be a positive space, I also want to be real and not gloss over things and pretend everything is perfect. I'm sure that other crafters out there have had disappointing experiences either online, or at fairs, but the important thing is to be resilient. And in a strange way, I'm even more inspired after this weekend. I have so many ideas for things I want to make, and I'm hoping to have my etsy shop up this week. So now I want to hear from you guys, how do you get over disappointment and keep on trying to reach your goals?


  1. Your stuff is adorable! Don't be disappointed and keep your head do a fabulous job! Gold star!

  2. I've never done a craft fair, but I'm not sure I even have the guts to do so. I'm afraid of disappointment like you have experienced. I can't help but feel bad every time I walk away from a booth that I didn't buy anything from wondering if I hurt their feelings.
    I'm sure you will learn things that work and don't work every time you set up at a craft fair. Just keep at it! You'll find the perfect formula soon enough :)
    love your blog, it's so cute!

  3. Looks like fun, even if it wasn't profitable. I imagine craft fairs are either feast or famine, but keep at it. You might love the next one!

  4. Your stall looks beautiful and you can really tell that you put a lot of time, thought and love into the whole thing - not just the product but also how you were going to set up your stall and everything. I'm sorry it didn't go as you'd hoped but it sounds like you are definitely taking it into your stride!

    In response to your comment - I haven't been to the zoo, but I have been to the aquarium! We went with our eight year old nephew which definitely added to the excitement of the whole venture! And thank you for offering to share your cookie recipe - that would be awesome. My address is maryfokathotmaildotcom. Thank you!

  5. In my very limited experience, I reckon you either have the stomach for it or you don't. A lot of heart and soul and TIME always goes into the preparation and you never know when you're going to hit a good day. (i.e. when the planets align and the weather is fine, etcetera etcetera. But there's nothing like the buzz of a fab markety day!

  6. So sorry to hear it didn't go perfectly as planned... But every experience is good! It's the only way you can learn and grow. You need to have disappointing experiences in order to learn from them and change things next time.

    Everything looks beautiful, though! You still worked hard, so don't forget that part!

  7. Oh I am sorry it didn't go how you imagined it.

  8. i think being an artist is a career filled with the most disappointments, but also the most rewards. the most important thing is exactly what you said, to be resilient and persistent! congratulations on your valiant learning experience :) sometimes thats more valuable than anything else. xo.

  9. I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed (I've been there). The good part is that the first show is over and now you have a better idea of what to expect if you choose to do it again. I think you should keep trying! I give you a lot of credit for putting yourself out there in the first place! Good luck Gaby!



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