Sushi date night

Monday, March 14, 2011

My husband and I have both been super busy lately; he's been working a lot and our schedules don't always match up very well. But this weekend we managed to go on a date, a real dinner date and it was so nice. I wore my new clogs and prettied myself up a bit, and we headed to one of our favourite places for sushi, Sushi Bar Rashai. Me oh my, it was delicious! And getting to spend time with husband was pretty delicious too.


  1. very cute :) i LOVE date nights :)

  2. Nothing is sweeter than a sushi date night with your best friend.

    Love is such a wonderful thing.


  3. p.s. I found your blog via a beautiful journey. Your comment stood out. I too was not sure when I started blogging, because it is a very vulnerable place to be if you are sharing from your heart, but I figured if I was open about my struggles/lessons learned, etc. it may just help someone who is in need of reading it.

    Your blog is lovely by the way!

  4. Do you find that being at home a lot, you really enjoy dressing up when you get the opportunity? Love the clogs and you look very happy to be on your dinner date!

  5. cute pictures :)
    date nights are thee best!


  6. Love the clogs and I love sushi. Seems like an excellent night.


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