Sydney love: Mudgee

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm once again going to do a Sydney Love post about a place that's not in Sydney, but I think it still counts as something that I love about living here. Mudgee is a pretty country town a few hours Northwest of Sydney with vineyards galore and spectacular landscapes. I especially love the drive up, which is dotted with old sandstone farmsteads, ugly mining towns and of course, lots and lots of sheep! It's an especially important place for my husband and I since it's where we got married, and we've been up there many times over the last few years. This is a smattering of photos from these various trips, hope you enjoy!

My friend told me that I would look like a model here if I wasn't wearing a down jacket, he he. What can I say? It was cold!

These photos are all from a friend's farm.
This place is so nice and I always make a point of going.



  1. SO beautiful. I love living right near the coast, but it makes me really restless for a break somewhere in the country like this x

  2. These photos are beautiful! I love the farm too. Great blog:)


  3. i am really bad a following up my comments! I just realised you asked where my napkins were from. I got them for christmas, my friend got them from this etzy site:

    happy weekend!

  4. these photos are gorgeous! i wish i could visit australia!

  5. Oooh. It looks beautiful - but how come no pictures from your wedding?! (I apologise for being wedding obsessed. I never understood the excitement until I had my own!) I think CNN and I will be hiring a car and taking up some road trips based on your recommedations!

  6. Wow, what gorgeous photos! That's someplace I'd love to visit.

  7. Wow all of those photos are beautiful! Maybe a trip to Australia is in my future...I'm jealous!


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