Camping at Mt Arapiles

Monday, April 4, 2011

Last week when I got back from road tripping I shared photos of the city portion of our trip, and now I'd like to show you guys the camping... We were hoping to camp the whole time, but bad weather forced us to change our plans and in the end, we only camped for 3 nights. But it was just enough time outdoors to re-charge, and come back to this bustling city we call home feeling better. We spent our days climbing the incredible cliffs around us, and at night we read our books and star gazed. I love camping.

We only saw lots and lots of wildlife, and one of the highlights was when I reached the top of the cliff we were climbing and husband said, "I have a surprise for you." I was hoping for chocolate, but instead he pointed down toward the field below us where I saw a mum kangaroo and her 2 joeys who were having an afternoon siesta. On our drive back to Sydney we were also lucky enough to see a wild emu. I had never seen one in the wild before, and it was so cool to just watch it prodding along slowly.

What you do when you're in Australia: grab a cup of tea, bite the corners off of a tim tam and then suck the tea up through the tim tam. Delicious! In fact, it's almost as good as smores, which you can't make here because graham crackers don't exist.

I LOVED this book so, so much.
Other people climbing

I made that toque! A.k.a. "beanie" if you don't speak Canadian.

What we climbed.


I love country shops like this one.

I would just like to point out that these last 4 photos were all taken at a gas station, can you believe it? Beauty can be found in the unlikeliest of places.


  1. I love tim tams! I worked at a camp with lots of Aussies and they introduced them to me...delish! I always pick some up when I'm near a World Market :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, love the light in the last four. AND I love the pics of you sitting in the chair. I have a similar one and this brings back fabulous camping memories. Hope your having a great start to your week. xx veronika

  3. I'm sorry this is going to be all about the TimTams BUT I didn't realise they don't have graham crackers in Australia. What am I going to do?

  4. Oh my goshhh.... ok, your Australian camping and climbing pictures by FAR beat my Pennsylvania climbing pictures. What GORGEOUS views! And those rocks!! Looks like the weather is A LOT nicer there too!

    We are hoping to get some climbing/camping in this weekend, and maybe I'll just pretend we are doing it in Australia.... sigh. ;)

  5. Where is this climb? Is it somewhat near Sydney? My husband and I are climbers and we're most likely moving to Sydney soon to be near family! This looks like an awesome spot.


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