Rainy days

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my handmade duvet cover, more on this tomorrow...

It's rainy and grey today, perfect weather for staying in and cuddling up under my duvet. It's also perfect weather for drinking copious amounts of lady grey tea with lashings of milk and honey, and of course, for eating leftover Easter chocolate.

Dear rain, stay a while. I don't mind in the slightest. xx

* I'm away this week but I hope you enjoyed this pre-scheduled post.


  1. Mmmm Lady grey on a rainy day... very good call =) x

  2. such a cute post! Rainy days are the best :)

  3. mmm turkish delight eggs (is it sad that i know them just by the wrapping? haha) - my fave! x

  4. Such gorgeous photos. I love rainy days. Gorgeous cover with Anna Maria Horner fabrics (my favourite).

  5. sometimes the rain really is so nice. :)

  6. Great shots...
    saying hi from aurajoon ;)
    nice place you've got here! xo
    my sister is in Australia now and I am worried she'll be calling it home soon ;(
    I am not surprised, we're still in wintertime here ;)


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