Sydney love: internal thermostats

Friday, April 22, 2011

I snapped these two pictures with my iphone this week, and they pretty much sum up the point that I'm about to make. Notice that these two women are wearing long jeans, jackets, and one is wearing boots. On the days that these photos were taken it was about 25 degrees celsius (77 degrees fahrenheit), maybe a bit hotter. These days it is cooler at night and in the morning but we can still get up to 27 degrees during the day, and yet people have pulled out their boots. This is something that I love/think is hilarious about Sydneysiders; once "autumn" hits, they start dressing like they live in Antarctica. Seriously. I see people wearing woolen scarves, down jackets, beanies etc. I suppose it's the opposite of the Vancouver phenomenon, whereby on the first sunny day of spring, even if it's 5 degrees celsius, you will see people wearing shorts and sandals. This Canadian girl, however, is still wearing shorts or summer dresses most days and complaining about how hot I am. I am so not meant for life on this continent.


  1. your post made me laugh- people do that here too (in queensland, the sunshine state!) but maybe not AS bad. it's pretty funny... i'll be walking around in summer clothes going "am i missing something?".

    hope you have a fun anniversary weekend (lucky you, long weekend! i might have to plan for that when i get married one day...) :) x

  2. How humorous! I know what you are talking about though. Here, as soon as the temps are barely warm enough, folks are pulling out spaghetti strap tanks, shorts, and flip flops. You would think they were melting in those boots!

  3. This post made me laugh too. it reminded me of my years in London.Tthe first sunny day, out would come the sandals and the next day toes would be blue!

    i love these warm autumn days in Sydney. I spent today in a sundress and sandals. at the end of March!! Fantastic.

  4. this is so funny!!! sounds like us is in dallas, hehe....i pulled out my uggs the first drop in temp! xoxo


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