Another weekend, another yoga retreat

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I know, I know - I sound so spoiled. But I was actually the assistant at this yoga retreat so it wasn't all fun and games (but it was mostly fun and games).

The retreat was at the most beautiful venue and I spent the whole weekend marveling at where I was and plotting to move there. The owners have clearly put so much thought into the place, and it blends seamlessly in with the trees that surround it. In fact, the yoga studio is a circular room about halfway up the trees, making you feel like you're practicing in a treehouse.

Of course, the yoga was also great. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful teachers in my life. I'm constantly learning new things, and if I can ever be half as good a teacher as they are then I'll be pleased.

The other exciting thing that happened at the retreat is that I finished yoga teacher training. Myself and one other girl doing teacher training were up there, and so we had to write our theory exam on Saturday. It was a perfect way to end our journey of teacher training, and I'm so excited for what lies ahead!


The main structure is these two joined circular buildings. And in the background you can see two teepees, which people slept in. They were pretty damn cool.




My gorgeous friend Sally.


The yummy, ayurvedic/vegan food we get to eat when we're on yoga retreats.


Hanging out at night.


I love that in Australia you can build outdoor living spaces like this and they're actually useful.

Sally and I high-fiving over the fact that we finished yoga teacher training.


p.s. I'm sure you guys know this but blogger crapped out on us, which is why there was no post on Friday and then I was internet free over the weekend, so I couldn't post then either. Sorry!


  1. oh boy, I am soooo jealous!
    Well done on finishing the training. You must be wrapt.

  2. congrats on finishing! :)

    this place looks amazing- i love, love, love outdoor living... hopefully maybe one day i'll have my own house like that ;)

    your photos are lovely x

  3. Hi Gaby! I am so excited that i found your blog today! I can't wait to go back and read all your old post and get to know you. your yoga retreat looks peaceful. I would be honored if you would stop by my blog and tell me what you think. I am also having a giveaway you might like.

    Thank you

  4. Congrats on completing your training Gaby!! That's freaking awesome and what a wonderful way to complete your training. Wow those tee-pees look awesome!! What a beautiful setting to have for a retreat. I have go to an Ayurveda beauty therapy salon, which I find blissful.

  5. this looks like the perfect retreat. i am jealous!! congrats on finishing your training!

  6. Congratulations on finishing Gaby! That retreat looks wonderful - especially that indoor/outdoor space with that amazing coffee table!

  7. Wow! This place looks like a dream! Great photos! And congrats on finishing your training!! How exciting!

  8. holy moly those beans and rice look soooo good!!


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