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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've been taking a lot of iphone photos lately with the instamatic app and the hipstamatic app and today I thought I'd share a whole bunch. I like how these photos just show the everyday, ordinary moments. The moments when I don't have my big, fancy camera with me.

From top to bottom, left to right: A yummy coffee. My new friend Kristen, a beautiful yoga teacher. A funny wall that says: Men with ponytails should be banned. My friends and I at a party. The madness that was Zara on its opening day here in Sydney, I didn't go in don't worry. Cute house. Our makeshift altar when my friends came over to practice teaching yoga. Pretty blooms. The birthday girl and I. My friend's amazing birthday cake. A funny bathroom sign at a restaurant in the city. More lovely blooms. Chilling at a vegan brunch (3 photos). Vegan scones. A buddha at the retreat. Vegan brownies. My friends Lyn and Kellie at the Vegan expo. Simon Berg demonstrating his crazy yoga. I feel like I should qualify all of this by saying that I'm not actually vegan, I just hang out with a lot of them!

What have you guys been up to lately?


  1. I'm so obsessed with instagram... it's becoming a bad addiction!

    Great photos!! :)

  2. I love the photos. All of them, but the bathroom one is my fav.

    Happy Wednesday.

  3. I love iphone photos... so fun!! I'm hoping to do a little feature like this on my blog too. Loving all the yoga + vegan food, my two faves. SO great that you are doing yoga teacher training. Yoga is a huge passion of mine. Hope you're having a super Wednesday. xx veronika

  4. i'm absolutely DYING over that bathroom sign! ahahahaha so funny :)

    btw...gave you a blog award today :)

  5. wow, did you make that design in your drink? It is amazing!! haha. I never even saw anything like that before!

  6. What the bathroom sign? I love the photos of you with your girlfriends.

  7. Loving the photos and I really need to use my phone more to take photos. I think I don't because I keep a small canon in my handbag, but somehow a phone seems less distracting.

    Loved the altar and buddha shot- just very serene.

  8. Wow that lovely weekend! Yoga, Coffee, Zara, friends.

    What does the end of that purple fence say about men with ponytails!?!

  9. Ah yes. Gotta love the Iphone photos! My fave way of documenting my life! :)


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