Vegan double chocolate chip cookies

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You can thank Gwyneth Paltrow for these babies, as I found the recipe in one of her old Goop newsletters. When I made them I used normal flour because I'm not gluten free and I managed to find the other unfamiliar ingredients at my local health food shop.

They were surprisingly nice and chewy, and most surprising of all was the fact that even husband liked them! He doesn't exactly have a sweet tooth so double chocolate chip cookies are not generally his thing, but he liked these. And if you happen to have vegan friends like I do, they're worth trying.


  1. That looks really good. That is exactly how I like my cookies, nice and chewy! =) Have a yummy day!

  2. Ok I'm not vegan but these look stinkin Yummo!

  3. oh they look good Gaby. I love Xanthan gum, I use it as a thickener for gels.....By the way I was out and about today and saw the "The Civil Wars" album. Was so cool because a few days I hadn't heard of them. Congrats on becoming a Yoga awesome!! Love the shot of the heart on the feet so cute.

  4. Oh, that Gwyneth. These look amazing.

  5. Oh my! These look absolutely delicious, definitely going to save this recipe for a rainy day!

    xo Lynzy


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