Sydney love: even more confusion

Friday, June 10, 2011

* I posted this on my private blog last year, when I was working at a very Aussie pub. It ties into what I was talking about last Friday, with my Australian glossary...

A funny conversation at work the other day:

Me (behind the bar): What can I get you?

Customer: Just a lemonade please.

Me: So, like, pop or juice?

Customer (with baffled look on face): What?

(Photo via tasted by two)

Me: Pop or juice?

Customer: I don’t know… Just a lemonade please…

My manager (who happens to have overheard this conversation): What are you on about you crazy woman?!?!?

Me (staring at the fountain drink controller in my hand): Ok, so did you want squash (a lemon flavored pop they have in Australia)? Should I push the "Sq" button for squash or the "l" button?

My manager: Just push the friggin "l"!!!!!!

Customer walks away with a "lemonade," whatever that means.

Manager: We don’t say pop in Australia.

Me: Ooh.

Manager: And we certainly don’t sell old-fashioned lemonade, or juice, as you call it. We’d have to charge $15 a glass if you tried to give him lemon juice.

Me: Ooh.

Manager: And while squash is, in fact, lemon flavored, if someone asks for lemonade, you push the "l" button. If they want squash, they’ll ask for squash.

Me: So what is behind the "l" button?

Manager: It’s sprite.

Me: What??? You people call sprite lemonade. I didn’t even know sprite was supposed to be lemon flavored.

Manager: You Canadians are weird.

Me: You think that’s weird, let me tell you about a very popular drink we have called a Caesar…


  1. Two questions!

    What is Caesar?!
    What flavour is sprite?

    I would have been so confused if I'd asked you for Lemonade lol; pop? Juice? Have you been drinking your tips? ;)

  2. lol and to confuse things further here in NZ if we ask for a lemonade at a pub or bar we get one. However the type or brand of lemonade you may get may vary depending on the brand that they stock, which could be anything from 7up to Sprite to Classic dry to Wests and Budget.

    We get a lemon barley drink here too which is nice, but that's something you buy from the supermarket and then make at home with water.

  3. Hilarious! Although I don't eat meat, I can't give up my Caesars. So addictive. My French friends find the very idea of clam juice in a beverage absolutely appalling! So, what do they call fizzy drinks there, if not pop?

  4. hee hee!! I love reading funny stories about cultural differences. Please share more if you have any. It's a good giggle :)


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