Winter goals

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Inspired by Elsie's summertime goals, I decided to make up my own list. Of course, I live in Australia so I made a list of wintertime goals instead. I love that she focused on fun, non-work related things because I'm also swamped with work right now. But I want to make sure that I take the time to enjoy winter, because it's a season that I love.

So, my slightly silly goals are:
1. Go to the Katoomba Winter Magic Festival. I've been meaning to do this every year that I've lived here and I haven't yet. This is the year!
2. Make gingerbread cookies. Probably these ones...
3. Decorate home for winter. I like changing little things up around my home with the seasons. I'll probably throw in some more flannel, switch up my fox garland etc.
4. Knit something for myself. I feel like it's been forever since I've knitted/crocheted anything! This is just not right and must be rectified immediately.
5. Catch up on oscar movies. This one is really silly, but I missed every single oscar nominated movie this year and I'd like to change that. Starting tonight...


  1. Love your goals. Also love that it's winter there! It's finally nice here and I am sick. So perhaps I will try to accomplish some goals too.

  2. What a great idea, think I will follow suit and write a few winter goals too. I loved loved loved the Kings Speech, Black Swan was dark yet riveting and both me and hubby loved Inception....very clever film. The social network left me feeling blah and I remember when I was younger watching the Original True Grit.I am showing my age now, but I blame my dad as he loves a good western. I am yet to see this remake. The rest of the Oscar movies I haven't seen. Good luck with your goals Gaby.

  3. sounds perfect. My MIL is going to the winter magic fest next weekend - will be oh so cold!

  4. Nice goals. What's a winter magic festival?:)

    i know! Sadly i can't take the credit for them, source is at the bottom of the post. But a bit of effort on decoration can do so much!:) they look soooo supertasty! ( :))

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  6. Oh my - even though we're gearing up for summer here, I love your wintry goals!

  7. I love the wintery goals! Makes me excited for cold weather and Christmas {though I'm thoroughly enjoying this steamy summer weather!}!

  8. What a great idea - Isn't it funny the most obvious things to do, we sometimes forget! I might just make a winter list today!

    Lovely to 'meet' you!
    Rach x

  9. haha. i was so confused as to why it was winter time goals. i'm losing my mind. i need to do this as well.


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