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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've mentioned in passing on my blog that my my family is Colombian. My mom was born and raised in Bogota before moving to Canada as a young adult. Last time I went to visit I managed to scan some old photos so I could have digital copies.

To me, they are treasures. They show my grandparents when they were young and falling in love, my mom when she was just learning to walk, my aunts and uncles all dressed up in the clothes that my grandmother handmade for all of her 5 children. I love these photos, and my family.

my mom and her cousin
My grandparents, Mirella and Pedro, before they were married. I love that my grandmother is taller than my grandfather.
my mom on a beach
my mom (far right) and her 2 sisters in their school uniforms
my abuela and her first daughter, my mom
my oldest uncle with my mom


  1. Lovely pics. I;m always fascinated by pics of my parents and their parents when they were young and carefree. It must be really interesting to have Colombian heritage.

  2. beautiful photos Gaby.The one of your grandparents is striking.

  3. These are so beautiful, Gaby! I LOVE the one of your grandparents - she is so beautiful. And what a beautiful name, Mirella...I love it! x

  4. Seriously amazing photos! Makes me want to dig through my mum's box of memories too!

  5. Aww, these vintage photos are wonderful! How lovely.


  6. So beautiful and touching. Really beautiful photography too.

    I love the one of the school uniforms the most.

  7. these are literally breathtaking. i had no idea you were columbian.

  8. i just love those cute little uniforms and bangs. isn't it amazing what photos can capture?

  9. This is so cool it's like looking into the past! These really are treasures. And how freaking cute is that baby one piece in the last picture?!


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