My favourite iphone apps

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ever since my husband surprised me last year with an iphone, we've been inseparable (my iphone and I, that is). And I began to love it even more once I discovered the world of iphone apps, so without further ado, here are some of my faves...

1. Cartolina - I use this app all the time. It lets you send short notes to people via text or email, and the designs are gorgeous.
2. Hipstamatic - Lets you take retro style photos, and my favourite part is that it looks like an oldschool camera on your screen.

3. Instagram - I know that everyone and their dog has this app, but I must say I'm pretty attached to it as well...

4. 8 mm - Like hipstamatic but for videos. You shoot videos through the app, and decide beforehand what kind of effect you'd like. I use this app now anytime I want to take a video, it just makes everything look so much more interesting.

5. Shazam - If you want to know what a song is that's playing somewhere, shazam will tell you (almost always). Isn't that amazing? Man, the internet is magical...

6. Photoshop Express - I think I got this before I started using hipstamatic and instagram, but it does some cool things if you want to edit photos. Like this...

from this... to this...

7. CBC Radio - What can I say? I love Canada.

So tell me, what are your favourite apps?


  1. Oh, yay!! This is such a lovely idea for a post. I've been meaning to do a little video for the blog and can't wait to try the 8 mm app, it looks so fabulous. Thanks again Gaby. xx veronika

  2. i'm gonna try cartolina. already addicted to hipstamatic and instagram.

  3. Great post Gaby. I love Cartolina and Hipstamatic.
    Take Care. xx

  4. I also love Colorsplash. That one is fun too.

    But Instagram is why I bought an iPhone. No joke.

  5. ah thank you! just downloaded the cartolina! loooove that kind of stuff! anything to make digital mail seem a little more personal, i am all for.

  6. how awesome :) i just downloaded the catolina lovely!!

  7. Shazaam is The Best! Although, it does take a bit of fun out of road trips and playing 'Name That Tune' ;)

  8. I want an iphone just for the camera :)

  9. This is a great list. I have all the camera stuff but love the Cartolina. Thanks

    A Collection of Passions

  10. Thank you so much for featuring the Cartolina app.
    We have had great fun designing and developing it and are looking forward to adding a bunch of holiday designs in a few weeks.
    Fiona Cartolina xo


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