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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

her gorgeous space
Shannon making beads
she makes these cute little pouches for her necklaces

One of the best things about yoga teacher training was that I met the most amazing people. Take my friend, Shannon, for example. She's a fellow North American expat who likes to make things.

Specifically, she makes glass beads and then creates the most beautiful necklaces. I went over to her place last week to get a gift for my mom's birthday and Shannon showed me her little studio space (which is on her balcony, so cool) and how she makes the beads.

My mom received her necklace in time for her birthday and she was thrilled. If you want to get yourself one of Shannon's creations, her etsy is here and she also does markets in Sydney. xx


  1. What an amazingly talented, gifted gal. Her beads and craft are just stunning!

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  2. Beautiful colors! I love that you posted this--it is inspiring to see different creative folks doin' their thang.

  3. gorgeous designs.. and that pouch is the perfect little touch.

  4. Making new friends is surely one of the greatest parts of any adventure in life. I'm hoping to do just that! My husband and I just moved to Amsterdam five days ago --eeee!

  5. Those pouches are adorable! I agree with Christine, perfect little touch.


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