Happy spring!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Yesterday was the first day of spring here in the souther hemisphere, and I celebrated by going down to the beach for lunch with my friend. It was a beautiful day, nice and warm. Warm enough, in fact, for me to bust out my thongs (flip flops) for the first time. And below, you can see how very excited I am about this event...

check out my "I'm so happy to be wearing flip flips" face

What did you guys do to celebrate?


  1. Hehe this is so funny as today in the UK was the first day of Autumn, and to celebrate, I wrapped up in a jumper for the first time this year, cracked out my extra thick tights and drank throat soothing drinks at my desk all day to combat a cold! Glad someone's having some sunshine though =) x

  2. I love your happy flip-flop-face! Enjoy that beautiful beach.

  3. fun!
    i looks so beautiful!


  4. hey hold on, we still have to wait until solstice on the 21st!! Haha, i'm quite anxious about spring too, on the 1st of september we were all singing "ya llegó la primavera!" which means "spring is already here" though it's not! Haha. In fact i almost shiver when i saw you without sleeves in that picture!
    Well anyways, everything is in bloom and my feet are looking foward to walk bare! :)


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