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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We're taking a trip down memory lane today for my creative space. A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to know how to sew. I'm not sure why I decided this, but I was pretty determined.

So I did a class at Prints Charming (which I must've found online) where we learned some very basic skills (i.e. "this is a sewing machine" says the teacher, "wow" responded the 4 students) and made an apron. This apron. After my triumphant apron making, I came home, bought a heap of sewing books and fabric and went crazy. But this is where it all started: this apron, that old house where we used to live and this country which I now call home.


  1. I imagine absolutely everything baked with that sweetie on will be filled with fun and a little sunshine. x

  2. I'm loving that apron. I love your story reminiscing about the beginning of a journey. I'm at the beginning of my sewing journey at the moment. And loving it! Although I unfortunately can't claim anything as clever as an apron as my first sewing achievement!


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