Olive oil granola

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

homemade olive oil granola + passionfruit + homemade yoghurt =

This week my breakfast of choice has been my homemade yoghurt mixed with passionfruit and topped with olive oil granola made with this recipe. I'm usually so grumpy in the morning that this is about all I can manage, and I also seem to go through breakfast ruts where I'll just eat the same thing for a month and then swap the next month.

This one's definitely a winner though! But next time I make this granola I'll leave out the brown sugar completely; it's a bit too sweet for me. What have you been eating for breakfast this week?


  1. I've been making olive oil granola for a few months for my son. The kid can go through a box of granola like it is no one's business...

    Looks really yummy with the passionfruit!

    Hope you are well, and had a good Monday, Gaby. :)

  2. That looks really good! Very healthy and fresh. Yum :)



  3. wow, this looks REALLY good! we usually just buy muesli from the supermarket, but i think i might have to give this a go. it looks really yummy with yoghurt!

  4. ooo! this looks so yummy! i enjoy making my own homemade granola. this looks like an amazing twist! i'm grumpy in the mornings too... except when i have granola to eat *wink wink*
    great to find you!


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