Do you have an accent?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

That's a silly question because the answer is, of course, yes. We ALL have accents. So what I mean is this: where you live, are you the one with the accent?

It's something I've never given much thought to, until I moved here that is. Here in Australia, my Canadian accent is an ever present part of my life. Anytime I meet someone new, the first thing they say is "Where are you from?" And quite often when I'm just taking part in a boring transaction like buying a coffee I'm asked "Where are you from?"

Sometimes it's nice. It's been pretty easy for me to meet guys here (hello, I married one of them!) and to make new friends because people are curious about my accent.

But on the other hand, sometimes I get sick of having the exact same conversation over and over again. And sometimes I just want to buy my coffee and not have a conversation about the person's great aunt Mildred who may or may not live in Windsor, Ontario and perhaps I know her?

So I'm curious... do any of you live somewhere where you're the one with the accent? And if yes, how do you feel about it?


  1. hi there. enjoying your cyberspace here.

    having grown up in Australia to foreign parents, then living in UK, then moving to Montenegro... erm... yes, i'm always the one with the accent. lol

    having said that. i have a very soft accent. meaning it can pass for Aussie, British, none of the above depending who i'm talking to.

    i think that when people ask about your accent, it's part curiosity about where you're from, and part human connection. it's usually too difficult, or impossible to just speak to a stranger. our accents give people a chance to reach out.

    think of your accent as a human connector. lol

  2. i love accents and i love talking to people, wherever they are from, and the times i've been to argentina (the only foreing country i've been to) i was caught up in seconds: "you are from uruguay, aren't you?" ha, yes, and i'm so proud i have my accent! But the thing is, this happens the first or second day i am somewhere, after that i inmediately get the place's accent! Accents are just sticky to my tongue, but i get to any department (province) in my country or talk a few seconds with someone from other than the capital city and i just start talking like them. I love that, i just find it funny and lovely to speak different accents in a teeny tine country like this!

    And if i ever get to go to australia (wow you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get the visa to go there, my family has a wedding in december and we're almost giving up on it) i don't think i'd get a word, the have not an accent but their own version of english!! A friend once came and i say "oh speak english please, i wanna improve my skills" and she said "just forget it you won't get a word, we just cut them up in strange ways i can't even describe" LOL. and it is true!!

    haha... long comment!

    xox (this was introduced to me by the australian cousin that is gettin married ha!)

  3. No... But no one can ever place where I'm from, because I look kinda like i could be from anywhere!

    Andrea x

  4. I have an accent and get asked a lot about it. It's a very hard to pick accent since there are not many Finns in this world and my accent isn't even very Finnish. Somewhat confusing. Especially since I don't look like a Finn at all it is extra confusing.

    I usually like been asked and mostly people ask in a very charming and nice way. Yet when I'm tired and stressed it really makes me melancholic. Makes me feel a bit homesick to be asked where I'm from.

    The funny thing is that recently I've been told that my accent isn't that much of an accent anymore. Well at least compared to what it was three and half years ago.Have you noticed the same? That local idioms and the tone and the rhythm just seem to seep into your speech.

  5. oh i SO do! my ex always used to comment on the fact that i had a southern accent (i'm from florida, he's from new hampshire, south but not really!) and it wasn't until i made a video message for a friend that i really heard how weird my accent is! so so odd.

  6. I just met the most adorable Canadian couple who moved here (to the UK) recently, and you wouldn't believe how often they have to explain "no no, Canada isn't a state in America, Canada is in Canada!". I'm originally from the South of England (where we talk like the Queen) and now live in a place called Hull (pronounced 'urll) where "o" is pronounced "err", "a" in pronounces "err" and "u" is pronounced..."err" .. I get a LOT of jip for being "posh" (ie you can understand what I'm saying)

  7. I have an accent, being from northern Germany, most people say it sounds Scandinavian.

    I know what you mean about the questions people ask and try to small talk about the accent.
    Here in London it seems, that every one has a different accent.
    I would have thought that it's the same in Sydney...
    isn't it a pretty international place?
    I noticed my accent developed and changed since I am automatically adapting.
    Did you find the same?

  8. I love accents! Always proof of where ya've been, part of your culture! But yeah, can fully get...redundant. :) xox!


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