Minxy Vintage and a tale of a blue dress

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last week when I saw that Kelly Doust's newest book was out, I excitedly grabbed a copy and ran home to start poring over its pages. It's a stunning book, full of gorgeous photos from Kelly Doust's seemingly endless collection of vintage. But more than that, it's chock-a-block filled with useful tips and tricks on how to buy, wear, and customise vintage.

Yesterday I popped into a local vintage shop with my friend, a shop where everything is pretty pricey (damn you Mad Men for making 50's dresses so unaffordable!). But then I found this dress hiding in a bin, on sale for $10 because it had a couple of stains. Normally I would've just passed over it thinking it would be too much of a pain to deal with. But not this week, not with Kelly Doust's words of wisdom in my head!

Instead I fished $10 out of my wallet fast as I could and brought my new blue dress home to clean. And voila, stains almost all gone this is going to be an awesome dress for summer! There's one slightly stubborn mark on the front (that my friend insists she couldn't see until I pointed it out) which I may cover with a flower or a brooch.

Do you have a favourite vintage find?


  1. It's really lovely on you. Such a gorgeous colour and a great bargain. I have a few favourite vintage dresses stashed away. Waiting for me to get back into pre-baby size. Looks like an interesting book to read.

  2. I do now, that dress! I want I want! You look gorgeous, seriously.

    and did you know that you live in my most desired vacation destination EVER? It's true. I'm pretty jealous of you.

  3. You look So SO cute! Love the dress!

  4. you are too gorgeous! that dress fits you perfectly! i'd have to say my lovely corduroy blazer i scored for next to nothing.

  5. This dress is so lovely! And the color is perfect on you. I don't even see the stain!!??

  6. LOVE IT!

    Also, I'm having a love affair with those shoes. Want.

    You're just too cute.


  7. you're dress is beautiful! that's such a gorgeous blue. good treasure hunt lady!

  8. it looks so great! love the fabric you chose.
    thanks for your comment :)

  9. looks very nice! my favorite find from this summer was my denim jumpsuit: http://livplusdaveequals.blogspot.com/2011/09/kew-gardens-again.html
    it great when you find something you like and it fits well and even better when it's not too expensive.
    I find vintage shopping a bit like treasure hunting.

  10. yay for vintage!
    yay for dresses!

    I love this.


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