My life in iphone photos: round 7

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sewing with a little help from my favourite kid around.

There he is again, homemade granola.

Vegan muffins and pie, so impressive (not made by me).


Lunch at Nourishing Quarter (so yum!).

Jack in a bag (I didn't put him there, just so you know), my new favourite book.

coconut at the market, apples

What I'm reading right now, vintage score from today.


  1. peek-a-booh Jack! if I weren't allergic to cats I'd wanna give you a squeeze, you're so cute. great bits & pieces here Gaby. Love everything!

  2. Such a cute update with instagram photos!

  3. Your cat is adorable! Cold coconuts are so amazing! I drank them everyday in Kauai and was addicted, haha, I have been buying coconut water since we got back, it's soooo good :)

    Love your pics!

  4. love the pics.

    the little boy is so cute!

  5. happy days it looks like.

    is the book good?

  6. oh gosh, that coconut drink looks SO good!!

    ps. I never even realized how much the instagram filters had changed til you said so (I know, my head must have been in the clouds!). I wish they could just do a mix of the old version and the new! x

  7. what a cute cute post!!! Love this idea!

    I stumbled upon your blog and thought I would say hello! I just started up a new blog that is all about COLOR.

    Come on over and become a follower to enter the upcoming giveaways!


  8. love these bits and pieces!

    what is this awesome looking book?
    will you tell us a little more?

  9. all of these images are beautiful! i just LOVE instagram!!
    xo TJ


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