The shore

Monday, October 24, 2011

Yesterday my friends and I road tripped it out to the Royal National Park (see pics of my last trip there here) after my morning class at lululemon. Two of us are Canadian, and one is British. We got to talking about how very grateful we are to live near the shore. My British friend said that growing up without a beach nearby meant that there was nothing to do; you made do with the park.

As for me, I've always lived by the sea and for that I am grateful. Oh so grateful. And this week I've also been grateful for this country that I call home. Spontaneous trips to pools and beaches have been a daily occurrence. As have icy poles (popsicles), cold pints, bike rides and spending time with friends. I think it's going to be a good summer...


  1. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing day! Fun pictures!

  2. youre making me want to visit australia. a lot.

  3. um, can i expatriate to australia already?! need to pry my fingers away from typing in the travelocity url. it's proving to be very hard.

  4. I love living by the ocean! Its hard for me going to school somewhere so far from a beach - but every time i'm home, even if its snowing - one of the first places I go is the water. Your pictures are beautiful! I spent Christmas in Australia once and its as gorgeous as I remember :)

  5. I used to do gymnastics but there's no way in hell I could pull off that back-walk-over now! =)



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