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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

* While I'm getting my yoga on in Bali this week, I've asked some of my blog friends to share their favourite travel stories. Today we have a beautiful story about SURFING from Tabitha who blogs over at Her New Love. If you're into gorgeous scenery and sweet photos, go check it out! *

That Surf Trip

Spontaneity. That’s my favorite word, why? Because my best and most unforgettable experiences are always from spontaneous trips with friends. Most of these trips include hitting the beach at hours notice and riding public transportation to get to our destination.

The most memorable travel adventure I had was with a girl friend. We decided to take a 4-day vacation to surf. Just one day after talking about it, we took the first bus ride to a province called Zambales from Manila (Philippines). With just our backpacks and slippers, we were up for the consequences of our unpreparedness!

This tent was our home for 4 days. Our living condition wasn’t at all fancy! We hung our clothes on trees to dry, took a bath at the open shower (which I always dreaded because the place was just incredibly windy!) and ate from canned goods.

Our everyday itinerary was to wake up early in the morning to catch some waves, laze around in the afternoon and then surf till the sun goes down. We even met a couple of cool dudes on our stay there! They lent us their boards so we wouldn’t have to rent and we ended up hanging out with them till the end of our short vacation!

That particular surf trip didn’t only give me a hell of a sun kissed nose; it gave me things to reflect on. Living in a quiet environment, away from the busyness of the city made me appreciate the simplicity that life offers and that we have forgotten. It has also taught me that strangers can eventually be lifelong friends. And that no amount of sunscreen will prevent my nose from getting sun burnt! J

I encourage you to stop making plans for a second, remember to live and be spontaneous! You’ll never know where it’ll take you and what amazing memories it can create.


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