Guest post: Transition is my Middle Name

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

* While I'm getting my yoga on in Bali this week, I've asked some of my blog friends to share their favourite travel stories. Today I'm delighted to have Abby from the gorgeous blog Transition is my Middle Name. Abby's about to get married and move across the country so her blog is full of excitement :) After you've finished reading make sure you stop by her corner of the blogsophere to say hi! *

hello there, sweet readers!
my name is abby and i live in the tiny state of new hampshire in the u.s.
i'm so excited to be posting today while
our girl is away!
i'm about to go on a bit of an adventure of my own in a few weeks . . .
i'm getting married to my best friend
{the sweetest, most handsome guy i've ever met}
on Christmas Eve . . . just one problem:
he lives halfway across the country in nashville, tn!

nashville is a lively city that is just perfect for a young couple
like us in our first year of marriage.
can you think of a better way to start off your life together?
that said, i now have to move all my stuff down there before the wedding
so that we're not packing like crazy people after
a whirlwind honeymoon.
my good friend katie volunteered to help me make the cross-country trek
and i am so excited to go with her.
with all this moving, and packing and general wedding excitement,
katie and i have prepped a decent list of things we need to bring with us!
i thought it might be useful to you ladies too . . . who knows when
you suddenly will jump in the car for a cross-country adventure of your own, right?
first and foremost, comfy clothes are an absolute must . . .
Traveling at Christmastime

i'm addicted to plaid flannel shirts
{which is very exciting, because so is my fiance, which means i get to steal his soon too!}
and any kind of comfy jean and footwear . . .
and of course, amazing Christmas tunes are also in order
for a long holiday-time drive.
finally, probably the most important thing we will take with us
other than the GPS, is snacks!
i'm a vegetarian and both katie and i are fans of delicious but healthy treats,
so truck-stop food will probably not cut it for us
{well, except maaaaybe a slushy here and there}
so, we're packing lots of yummy things to nosh on while we drive the 18+ hours.

1. dried fruit . . . like apples, cranberries or delicious crystalized ginger
2. coffee . . . my drink of choice is a soy latte, extra hot
3. fall trail mix with your favorite sweet and savory bits
4. the best candy in the world: swedish fish!
so what would you bring on your cross-country drive?
i would love to know your suggestions for what you think i should
bring on our trip . . . share your advice
and make sure to visit me to see how our trip goes in just a few weeks!


I love hearing from you, and if you ask me a question I'll answer you here (or by email if your email is linked to your profile) x


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