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Monday, November 21, 2011

Now that the summer temperatures have arrived, I'm once again wondering how on earth to make my bed. This happens every year when summer rolls around; I want a pretty bed but it's hot as hell and most nights we're sleeping with just a sheet, a fan that goes all night and sometimes even a cold towel over our faces (not just yet, but give it another month or so...).

And as much as I love this floating bed, - which is really the perfect summer bed, don't you think? - I'm stuck with the bed you see below. In winter, it's all made by me flannel and wool. But how, oh how, do you make a bed look pretty in summer?

folksy flannels duvet


  1. Pretty sheets... a pretty afghan... and lots of pretty pillows??

  2. yep, i def reckon pretty sheets in spring/summery colours (if you can convince your husband!) and a crisp white (or light coloured) bed spread :) x

  3. White cotton with colorful pillows would be lovely. If you like more of a pattern (like the lovely quilt you have), I would do something like that but with nice, light, soft cotton. It's summery and not so hot.


  4. I agree with all three comments above... nice light fabrics with pillows to complement. Oh how I miss warm weather!

  5. White cotton sheets,white pillow and one cotton sheet in your favourite colour!? Prob a light-greyish-blue (which is cooling?) or so.
    Wow I wish I had that problem right now. I sleep under 3 blankets fully dresses, with bed socks at the moment: Winter arrived in London.

  6. pillows do the job love!
    keep the cover simple and
    decorate with different pattern
    pillows and different sizes!

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  7. I agree with everyone else...light colors and light fabrics! I'm not a big help though, too focused on making my bed cozy for winter on my side of the world:-) Flannel sheets! xoxo

  8. HA, I have the same bed and bedside tables :)
    good you can escape this bad weather, I am back from Austria and I am so sad that we have such an awful weather here :( have a safe trip!


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