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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Alright, alright... So I said fairly recently that I would stop making clutches. But I did do something different for my last creative space, so that counts for something right?

So back to this clutch up here, it's made from a tea towel. Wanna know how to make one of your very own? Well read on friends because here comes my very first sewing tutorial... Oh, and it may be helpful to keep in mind my good friend's words of sewing wisdom: Close enough is good enough. Yes indeed.

You will need:
- 2 pieces of fabric each measuring 41 cm by 22cm (I used a vintage tea towel and some cotton from Ikea, be creative, use what you have on hand)
- 1 piece of light or medium weight iron on interfacing measuring 41 cm by 22 cm
- a snap fastener (velcro circles also work)
- a sewing machine
- thread to match (or mismatch if that's your style) your fabric
- pins

1. Choose your fabrics and cut them to size. I love the look of this tea towel with this mismatching leaf print, and both were pulled out of my stash. You don't need much fabric so it's a good way to use up smaller pieces. Once you've chosen your exterior and lining fabrics cut them to 41 x 22 cm. Then cut your interfacing to the same size. Now iron this piece of interfacing (shiny side down, this is the adhesive side) onto the wrong side of your lining so it stays put.


2. Pin your three layers together. Lay your lining piece right side up (this is the piece with the interfacing ironed on) and then lay your exterior piece wrong side up on top of it. Your two rectangles of fabric should be right sides facing each other now. Pin all around this rectangle.

3. Start sewing. Using a 1 cm seam allowance sew all around the four sides of the bag, leaving open a gap on one shorter side that's at least 12 or so centimeters long.


4. Clip corners and turn inside out. See that corner bit up there, go ahead and chop those off being careful NOT to cut into your sea at all. This will make your corners sharper. Now carefully turn your bag out through the hole you left. Poke the corners out gently so they're nice and neat and give the bag a good press.


5. Topstitch the opening closed. See that hole up there? Time to close that bad boy up. Topstitch (which means sewing close to the edge) all the way from one short end to the next so you close the hole up.


6. Finish sewing! Take your rectangle and lay it on a flat surface with the lining facing you. Fold up the bottom edge 15 cm. So the blue piece of fabric up there with the dog, that's 15 cm from the fold to the top (of the blue fabric, not all the way to top the top). Now topstitch from the bottom of one side all the way to the top. Then do the other side. Now pat yourself on the back and put your sewing machine away.

7. Hand sew on your snap fastener. Grab your snap fastener and center one half of it on the inside of the flap. Carefully hand stitch this in place so it's nice and strong (I doubled my thread) but be careful not to catch the exterior fabric so your stitches are not visible from the outside. If they are, you can cover them with a decorative button. Next, match the other half of the fastener on the body of your bag and carefully hand stitch this in place.


8. You're done! Admire your handiwork!

p.s. I hope this was clear, but I realize there's a large chance it's not so if you have any questions feel free to ask me! Happy sewing. xx

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  1. Fabulous tutorial Gaby! I LOVE all the pictures and the dress you are wearing is seriously adorable! Such a fun clutch idea! ...a tea towel...who'd have thunk it! So cool!

  2. So cute! Now if only I could figure out how to use my sewing machine....

    It sure looks cute on my craft table though.

  3. AH, too cool and super do-able. Thanks for sharing Gaby!

  4. real fab thank you. i have been making a collection of vintage tea towels and was thinking I would like to re-purpose for some chrissy pressies. This would be perfect.

    the only prbolem I like the towels so much that I find it hard to cut them up!.

    happy crafting

  5. Oh, so adorable~! I completely obsessed with DIYs right now, and this is gorgeous! So is your blog, btw :))

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  6. I really like that one! It has put a smile on my face, good work :) x

  7. eeek! i love this! thanks for showing me how. i may have to try (as soon as i have that sewing machine, that is).


  8. Holy cow! I can't believe it's that easy!

  9. Lol very nice. Thanks for the tute. I went to gundagai recently, we stayed one night and ran away the next.

  10. What an awesome tutorial Gaby & that clutch is SO cute!! Loving the fabric that you've picked, really pretty. AND, goodness girly I'm absolutely smitten with your new blog layout - it's looking beautiful over here! Yay, congrats. xo veronika


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