I'm a Christmas baby

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yes, I am. I was born shortly after midnight on December the 25th, and have endured a lifetime of Jesus jokes and combined gifts. So this year, I thought it only fitting that I give you all some tips for how to treat the Christmas babies in your life...

- Just don't do it :) If at all possible, don't have a baby on Christmas day! I actually gave this sound piece of advice to my group of sweet prenatal yoga students on Sunday. I think I made my point.

- ALWAYS say Happy birthday BEFORE you say Merry Christmas. Just do it.

- Try to avoid the combo gift, unless it's the best combo gift ever in the history of the universe. This is particularly important should you find yourself married to a Christmas baby. Trust me on this one.

- Don't wrap birthday presents in Christmas paper. Better yet, wrap gifts in old newspaper; it's eco and birthday/Christmas neutral :)

- Try to make a birthday cake for your Christmas amigo, even if it comes out at Christmas lunch/dinner. I've had quite a few people do this for me over the years and I always appreciate it so, so much. It makes me feel special.

- If you really love them, try to take your friend/partner out for dinner or a drink before Christmas. Most of us stop trying to celebrate our birthdays as soon as we're not kids anymore and we realize that people are busy and distracted at Christmas. I would be delighted to do something just for my birthday!

And so that I don't sound like a complete grinch, there are some nice things about sharing my birthday with Jesus... For example, I can make jokes about sharing my birthday with Jesus. People don't usually forget my birthday and I've never had to work or go to school on my birthday.

p.s. Do any of you have birthdays on Christmas or any other holiday? Have I missed anything on my list?


  1. good advice - i dont know anyone on christmas but i can see how that could be hard.
    happy almost birthday!

  2. ahh i was wondering whether you were a christmas baby! my mum's birthday is on dec 28, so she's kind of in the same boat (although prob not quite so bad!).

    i hope that your loved ones take some of your good advice this year ;) x

  3. Oh that would be super hard. Poor thing. haha!

  4. love this post!!! I was an Easter baby but that doesn't always land on the same day. Happy early birthdayyyy

  5. My baby was born on New Year's Eve last year and we are fighting to keep things separate. We also happened to have gotten married on New Year's Eve so it's a special family day now. Christmas is a little trickier! Happy early Birthday!


  6. My step mother-in-laws birthday is the 24th and to this day, she refuses to come to the extended family Christmas eve dinner because it's her birthday. It's really awkward. But I'll get her a birthday gift this year and see how she reacts... it's just... we don't do birthday gifts for hardly anyone over the age of 18 so it had never occurred to me. But I see how that after a life time of sharing with jesus, she could get a little touchy on the subject.

  7. That is great advice. I've always wondered about that... do Christmas babies get 2 presents?
    I now know the answer should be YES!!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  8. oh mylanta, you are the cutest! and that is excellent advice. i have lots of christmas/boxing day/ christmas eve baby friends :)

  9. Aww Christmas baby! Happy (early) birthday! My cousin was born on Christmas as well, but we celebrate his birthday on his half birthday in July. He prefers it that way!

  10. My niece was born on Boxing Day .... the poor thing. Thanks for the tips. Happy birthday and merry christmas to you! Kellie xx

  11. My birthday is tomorrow (the 22nd), so I have some of the disadvantages of having a birthday so close to Christmas...But my boyfriend always spoils me, can't wait till tomorrow!

  12. I know several people with Christmas birthdays and two with Christmas Eve birthdays. None of them like it. Maybe we should just make a law that says no "baby making" in March!

  13. awww. I'm a december baby too but I got lucky because i'm the 3rd so I've got a few weeks gap between my bday and christmas.

  14. Have a wonderful birthday AND a wonderful Christmas!
    May you celebrate both and have the most fantastic time.
    (My birthday is in January and even I felt its too close to Christmas...)


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