My life in iphone photos: round 9

Monday, December 12, 2011

Decorations at a new Mexican restaurant, yay!

Celebrating 11/11/11. Waiting at the airport. P.s. I LOVE everything about this magazine cover. Seriously.

Sleeping baby. Flying.

Sleeping under a mosquito net. Pancakes.

Bali blooms.

One of the many hilariously translated signs in Indonesia. Finders Keepers market!

More from Finders Keepers. Christmas exploded all over this house :)

Caffeine hits and gingerbread.

Re-reading an old favourite in the park. Bowling party!

On a date with the husband. Margarita time.

Last four photos are of vegan mexican night at my friends' place. Margaritas + vegan nachos + awesome friends = a PERFECT night


  1. Looks like tons of fun :) how have I not been following your blog?! Der. I changed that!

  2. love all these photos!!! looks like a blast!

  3. wow these photos are amazing. looks like fun, especially the margaritas.

  4. your photos look great - how do you display them like that, from instagram and positioned right next to each other?


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