Three youtube videos that make me happy

Friday, December 23, 2011

1. Why Men and Women Can't be friends. This is priceless! I found it on A Dreamer's Daze and have since shown it to everyone I know. The girl who goes, "That was one instance" gets me every time!

2. Yoga Girl. This one's been making the rounds on my yoga friend's facebook feeds and I can see why. It makes us all look like the big clich├ęs that we are :)

3. New York City Vinyasa. This one isn't funny but it is stunning! Whether you're into yoga or not, give it a watch. I watched this with my two year old friend Ziggy and then we got on our yoga mat and did "oga, oga."


    makes me laugh so hard!

  2. oh gosh, hahaha. i didn't get the one instance thing, need explanation there haha... i think about that issue a lot.

    the yoga girl is so much fun!

    and maaan I NEED TO FIND MY YOGAAA back again!! i trust god i will :)

    merry chrismas, gaby!

  3. These are hilarious! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Shane

  4. That first video is PRICELESS. I love how all the girls say yes but then change after admitting that the guy is 'into' her and guys just come right out and say it!

    Great post. I love being introduced to new YouTube videos.


  5. I cracked up at the first video! Its so funny to see the difference of opinion between men and women!
    Just found your blog and am excited to follow!


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