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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I have two bits of news this morning:

1. I'm back from Bali! Slightly jet-lagged and confused, but home.

2. I'm on twitter. Weird. Find me here, and please say hi! I'm still trying to figure out how this thing works.


  1. oh gosh, i definitely remember being really weirded about about twitter for a long time. now i adore it. especially if you have a app for it on your phone.
    can't wait to see pictures from your trip!!!
    xo TJ

  2. We can be twitter friends.

    I joined this year when I started the blog and have found it's my favorite thing now.

    Best promotion tool, friendship connection and just fun!

    You'll get the hang of it.

    I'm @TBlendings.


  3. welcome back! twitter is ridiculously fun and addicting . . . thanks for the follow, too! :)

  4. Welcome back! I hope you had an amazing time :) x


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