Monday, December 5, 2011

As long as I've been living in Australia, I've said that my two goals are to visit Southeast Asia and New Zealand, and I'm so pleased to finally be able to tick both of those off my list! Yes, both. I just got back from a week in Bali and in a few weeks I'll head over to New Zealand to spend my birthday/Christmas with the husband. I'm feeling very grateful right about now.

But back to Bali...

My first impression was that everything is so very different. Kind of dirty and chaotic, but also beautiful. Perfectly imperfect.


We spent the first 4 days of our trip in Ubud, the town made famous by Eat Pray Love. It's an incredible little corner of Bali, filled with yoga studios, organic cafes and local art. Mostly, we went for slow meanders through the winding streets and ate as much as we could.

I also fell in love with the puppies who overran our hotel. It was hard not to try to squeeze one into my suitcase!




The monkey forest in Ubud was another highlight. To be honest, my traveling companion had well and truly scared me with tales of violent monkeys so I kept my distance. But these monkeys were fearless! One of them ever so casually sidled up next to a tourist who was sitting on a bench. He then slid his hand straight into her pocket and turned it inside out. Disappointed that it was empty, he did the same with the rest of her pockets!




Thanks for taking a glimpse into the first part of my trip. Next up... Bingin! As well as the story of how I ended up in an Indonesian hospital, stay tuned...


  1. oh i LOVE south-east asia! i haven't been to bali yet, but i would definitely love to go one day, especially because it's so close :)

    i am also not a monkey fan haha i've seen plenty in thailand/malaysia and they're just a little too smart for my liking! x

    ps. hospital trip? yikes.....

  2. You are SO lucky that you went to Bali! It's been on my list of places to visit for years now. These picts were great!

    Oh - Fancy That.

  3. ooo! such a lovely trip! i have friends who honeymooned in bali. def wanna go sometime.


  4. Oh my goodness I just love your blog! I found you through Gentrilee's post about you. You've got a new follower! :D

  5. This looks so magical! What a great trip. And I'm nervous to hear how you ended up in the hospital!! Yikes!

  6. this is so neat! i went to bali a lot of years back and loved it - its so gorgeous! we stayed mostly on the resort but the few days we spent touring the temples and culture was just incredible :)

    i just found your blog from gentris feature and love it. especially the picture of you as a yoga instructure...simply stunning.

    your newest follower,

  7. ooh love it. Must be amazing to tick of some things of your wishlist!

  8. Looks like you've had a nice time in Bali!

    And going to New Zealand sounds like an amazing way to celebrate your birthday! I've always wanted to go there :)

  9. I have huge dreams to travel to Australia some day, that is so awesome that you live there! Came across your blog from Gentri Lee, look forward to keeping up with it :)

  10. Wowee! That looks so amazing! x


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