My life in iphone photos: round 10

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my yoga notebook, blooms in my home

taking care of Ziggy, love him

photo on the left by Ziggy, my new Black Milks!

Friends, friends make mustaches out of hair while I fail to notice

My friend in Australian Yoga Journal, husband and I reunited in NZ

Fox Glacier, birthday pancakes


Queenstown sunset, Mt Cook sunset

heading home, sydney sunrise

morning swim, beer and popcorn


opening night of the Sydney festival, macarons

another morning swim with a friend

a book I'm coveting, mexican with friends

what vegetarians eat for breakfast, the lovely book my friend gave me for my birthday

All of these are instagram photos and if we're not instagram friends already, we should be! Leave me your username in the comments section. My username is thislittleport.

I also just realized through Elsie's blog that you can see instagram photos online, find mine here.


  1. I want some of that summer!!! We have over a foot of snow and those salt water sandals are calling my name. =)


  2. the mustache hair is adorbs (:

    thanks for checking me out and your sweet words back!

  3. LOVE the photos! And I LOVE Ziggy's shirt in the first photo of him!!

  4. Love these pics! Thank goodness for iPhones so we can capture every moment eh?


    1. Yes indeed! Don't know what i'd do without my iphone camera :)

  5. i seriously am obsessed witha ll of these images! i want to visit australia and NZ so much!
    p.s. your sandals are adorable!
    xo TJ

    1. Come visit! It's nice here and you can always wear sandals :)

  6. beautiful photos!
    a morning swim... that idea sounds like heaven. i am so excited.


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