my life in iphone photos: round 11

Monday, January 30, 2012

Thinking I need a haircut. Drinking tea.

Rearranging at home. Cinnamon roll, yum!

Bourke St Bakery with nicole. A lovely building in Newtown.

Homemade noodle rolls for dinner. I made bread (as you know already)!

Catching up with a friend. Looking through our wedding album.

Australia Day. I love Arrested Development, and friends who wear Arrested Development t-shirts.

Making. Being lazy on the weekend.

Out for drinks with friends. On the windowsill.

I'm linking up with Jenni today, to check out other people's iphone shots go here. I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. im so happy i just came across your blog! i have fallen in love with it.

    im from sydney but living in the uk so i love seeing familiar sydney things on your blog.

    im a new following :) x

  2. That bread looks to die for! {can you tell it's by guilty pleasure? (:}

  3. i love your nail polish!

  4. such a great idea to do a series like this :) and you'll have to let me know how m83 is! I am going to see them in may. and I just know you'll love bon iver. I've been to quite a few great shows, but his was the best. hands down. love your blog!

  5. aw, what a beautiful world you live in. seriously.

  6. Sometimes I look through my phone pictures and I can't believe how well they capture my life! Snapshots of the little moments are sometimes the best pictures!

  7. You are so gorgeous! Your hands look so lovely in the photo or you cutting the paper. These iphone posts are so much fun!

  8. Sorry about the strange language on my blog (swedish..) From now on I have some translation into english too! So, yes, I made the shawl, but is not finished yet :)

  9. awesome, loved these pictures!

    Your blog is amazing!

  10. Such nice photos!! I love your iPhone posts Gaby!

  11. Dooooon't cut your hair! Its gorgeous.

  12. i love your post! your pictures on your blog awesome, brand new follower!


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