new zealand: part 4, the end!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our last stop in New Zealand was an actual stay in Christchurch. We'd passed through very briefly upon our respective arrivals, and JUST missed the earthquake before Christmas. We knew that the city was still experiencing aftershocks but we decided to go anyways.

On our drive from Mt Cook to Christchurch we stopped for lunch. I had this instead. So worth it.

We arrived in town on New Year's Eve with no plans, and no idea whatsoever of what we could do. But I had the blogosphere on my side, enter Alice from Sew Logic... We had emailed before and planned to meet up while I was in her hometown. I contacted her with a semi-desperate "What should we do tonight??" message and she graciously responded by inviting us to her friend's NYE barbecue. Problem solved!

We ate, drank (a bit too much, truth be told) and were merry. Oh, and I may or may not have tried to steal Alice's puppy...


The next day husband and I headed to the beach to recover. We also get the authentic Christchurch experience of a string of aftershocks beginning that night. The first one scared the crap out of me, as did the two during the night that woke us up. But it is true that you get used to it.



The day after that, Alice and her boyfriend took us to check out Akaroa. The weather wasn't ideal, but we still appreciated the beauty of this gorgeous harbour. To see pictures of this spot in the sun, check out this post on Alice's blog.




This is the part where I gush about how much I love the blogosphere. Husband left the night before I did, and not only did Alice and her boyfriend invite me to stay at their place, they took me out, gave me a tour of the city and helped me shop for gifts for people back home.

Alice even took me to a fantastic vegetarian restaurant in the city! The generosity of our online community astounds me, and makes me so grateful. I had a wonderful time in Christchurch, thanks to Alice and her insider info.

And that concludes the last of my New Zealand posts, only 3 short weeks after returning home ;) Thanks for coming along!


  1. lovely photos! that place looks absolutely beautiful! :)

  2. You are so welcome, it was great to have you stay and I'm so glad you enjoyed it, even with the quakes!! xo

  3. Love the pics! Sounds like a fabulous time! And the pup is adorable!

    Alex from

  4. Wow! Gorgeous pics. You have me longing for adventure in far away lands...

  5. Yay, nz IS beautiful! I like the shoes in your last pic, what are they?


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