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Monday, February 13, 2012

bike rides


me & my bike

Above photo by husband




It rained this weekend. A lot. But in between storms there were pockets of blue sky and bright light, the kind that makes you want to run outside to soak it up. On Saturday afternoon husband and I took advantage of one such pocket of time and hopped on our bicycles for Surry Hills.

Just as we got there the skies opened up and we were lashed with rain. We ducked into a cozy cafe to wait it out, where we enjoyed chai and fries in the meantime. On the way home, the sun came out and I stopped to pick these stems, now adorning the walls. I'm not even sure what they are, but I love them.

beach time

These 2 pics by husband. On another note, isn't it the best when you rediscover things in your closet? I've had this skirt for oh, about 10 years, but had completely forgotten about it. Now that I've remembered, I don't want to take it off.


Yesterday the pocket of sun was in the morning, so husband and I headed to Dee Why for a swim after I finished teaching. The power of an Australian ocean never ceases to amaze me. Where I grew up in Vancouver, the ocean is almost always calm. Here, you're pummeled from all sides as soon as you step in.

But the thing is, once you get used to it, you start to crave it. There's nothing quite like ducking and diving through big waves to make you feel alive.


  1. these are awesome!! And you miss, are beautiful!! <3 I loooooveeee your outfit!!

  2. Seriously.... what a perfect Saturday!!
    And you are so pretty :)

  3. lovely skirt!
    here we're all praying for the rain, i guess it could balance a bit so we have more showers and you get more sunny days! but please not in two weeks, i'll be taking a vacation!!


  4. Just stumbled upon your blog- it is lovely! I enjoyed reading about your afternoon. It sounds so romantic, ducking in out of the rain into a little cafe. Ah, I am stuck here in US winter, so I think I should live vicariously through you and your adventures! Cheers!

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL day you had! These pictures are so special and a wonderful documentation of that day. :) You make me wish it were Summer!! (not that I can complain since I just moved to a warmer snowless climate. haha!)

  6. i'd totally be parading that skirt around every day too if i owned it...there's just something cute about triangles. x

  7. Oh this sounds like so much fun. A bike date in the sun and rain! I'm so inspired by your pictures!

  8. Way to rediscover...that's a lovely little skirt, the print is so cute and retro. Looks like a great bike-riding ensemble too. Thanks for sharing your pretty pics!

    <3 Cambria

  9. seriously. there is nothing better than sunshine and a bike ride. NOTHING!

  10. Are those Saltwater Sandals? I have a pair that I can't figure out how to wear, and they look fantastic no you.

    The scenery here is so lovely.


  11. nice! I def want to get a bike in sydney. you are looking gorgeous in these pics.


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