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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{a fellow yoga teacher and I practicing pincha mayurasana}

{Jess giving me an assist in wheel pose}

Since becoming a yoga teacher last year, I've taught at quite a few different places. Of those, there are only a few yoga schools that I have really connected with. Places that felt like home, from the moment I stepped in.

Sukha Mukha in Waverley is one of those places. The walls are painted bright, beautiful colours, the teachers are sweet and the beach is oh so close! Perfect for an after class ocean dip.

Idit Hefer Tamir opened Sukha Mukha fairly recently, and as far as yoga studios in the eastern suburbs go, it really is unique. I'm delighted to now be teaching there a few classes a week. If you live in Sydney, make sure to stop by! The timetable is big and diverse and there are lots of exciting events coming up, including an opening party on Sunday 15 April.

Hope to see you there!


  1. ugh i wish i could do the wheel. its so hard!!!

    xo the egg out west.

  2. I've never tried yoga!! Ok, I have once. It was the p90x dvd and only lasted 10 minutes! I need to make a new friend here to try yoga with me!

  3. that studio is gorgeous!
    i can see why you connected with it!

  4. i wish i lived in the same country so you could teach me yoga!


    p.s. i hate you and your perfect hair.

  5. Wow, beautiful pictures!!!

    x from Holland

  6. oh! lovely stretch. Thank you for the tricks worked just need's a little bit more strength :)

  7. I always thought Yoga Studios were neutral and 'calming'. The colors here are fabulous!

  8. Ese lugar es hermoso! además lo describes con mucho cariño y admiración. Espero recordarlo si voy a Sydney.

  9. you look so graceful and awesome here! It is my goal to one day be like this, but right now I'm just getting started!

  10. This look phenomenal...I have so much tension and stress and craziness in life right now...and I miss my yoga and my pilates...would loooooove to take your classes. Fly to MN and teach something here :)

    <3 Cambria

  11. as soon as i will get there, i will get in touch and book a class with you ; )

  12. the pincha mayurasana is an awesome looking pose!!! I need to get back into yoga, and that pic is inspiring me to do so!

  13. I hope as i stabilize in my pelvis area, I can do yoga one day! I admire what you do!


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