3 blogs I like (a.k.a. the Liebster)

Friday, April 13, 2012

(photo by Alanna Bowd)

I chose this photo because it looks like I'm talking, and what I imagine I'm saying is:

"Gee, thanks for giving me a Liebster award Kelley (from the lovely blog Casa Crafty)! I'm touched."

Seriously though, I have to admit that I sometimes ignore these blog awards because they can seem a bit chain mail. I like the idea behind this one, however, which is that it's for up and coming blogs, i.e. blogs with less than 200 followers.

And I am all for supporting my fellow up and coming bloggers, so without further ado, here are 3 blogs I love:

1. Our House This Hill. A beautiful blog by Kesh, who is about to have her first baby with her super talented husband Tim. Oh, and they love in Australia, yay!
2. Eesh Your Heart Out. A blog by my bestie, Aisha, who is a fashionable foody living the good life in L.A. She posts wonderful recipes that are healthy to boot.

3. Life Like Honey. A fellow Canadian, Teaka, studying fashion design in Alberta and blogging about it, as well as her life in general. Check out her new collection here, it's to die for!

Happy Friday friends!


  1. your outfit is ADORABLE! and i loooove new blogs to lurk.

  2. I am completely in love with your outfit in that photo! I think you look fab. and I'm excited to go check out these new blogs!

  3. You are welcome! Glad I found you!
    I agree with the chain letter thing, but I liked the up and comers idea too!

  4. Great links. I've loved Kesh's blog for a while now, but hadn't come across your other faves. x

  5. Aww thanks Gaby what an honor that you would think of me! So cool! :D

  6. Aww thanks Gaby what an honor that you would think of me! So cool! :D

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thanks love!!! XOXO

  9. OBSESSED with your outfit. And your sunglasses. Happy Friday!

  10. Oh wow, your blog is BEAUTIFUL! And yay for a fellow Canadian living abroad! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So nice to meet you :) new follower!

  11. okay i love love freakin (excuse me) love your outfit! that top is stunning, such a great photo!

  12. Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed looking through all 3.

  13. Thank you for mentioning the fact about the chain mail award think.
    Some of them make feel weird and I had to ignore some in the past , which also didn't feel right, but better then spamming another 10 people and put them into the same position. I totally agree with that.
    There is of course nothing wrong with supporting other talented bloggers and linking to them. But everyone can do that whenever and how they like it.

    I love the 3 blogs you suggested here though and had fun checking them out.

  14. i love that outfit! such great shorts.


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