how do you get out of a funk?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I feel like I'm in a bit of slump lately. I won't go into it all, but for various reasons I'm feeling scattered and not very motivated/productive. To give you a concrete example of this, I am currently trying to read 5 books at the same time (FIVE!) which, of course, means I am not getting through any of them.

So I want to know, how do you get out of a funk? Do you dance around to Alanis Morisette alone (consider that box ticked), read, run, watch chick flicks?? I need to know!


  1. Let the funk get to its peak, then I nap. And then after that long nap that doesn't happen at night, I make a list and get it done.

    I dont think funks are always bad, just part of being a being, you know? If you were always funkless, I think that would be even MORE of a problem.

    Good luck to you lady

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself...I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be human if massive changes in your life didn't make you feel this way. Maybe just simplify for a little while (so maybe concentrate on ONE book at a time.. haha) and just do WHATEVER makes you smile/laugh/feel happy. And eventually, you'll naturally come out at the other end of this a stronger lady xx

  3. i just wait for it to pass.
    i try to sleep it away usually. when i'm awake i'll just over think it

  4. I read a little snippet of something that inspires me and then accomplish a little goal on my list. Funk not exactly overcome, but it always starts me in the right direction. You would be surprised what makes me happy after that. I wish you all the best!


  5. I generally try to consume dark chocolate and watch some happy bright full movies :) spend alone or a coffee conversation :) yeah! may be.

  6. I run and listen to the music =)

  7. I strongly agree with what some of the others said. You can't be always productive 24/7. It's ok to be lazy sometimes. Inspiration and opportunities will come to you.
    I keep up with my yoga routine and meditation and listen within.
    Once I figure out my goals, I write them down and get started.
    It's also getting into Autumn over there, isn't it? Time to rest and let things happen. Don't criticise yourself. Just do whatever makes you happy.

  8. skype with an eesh?

  9. oh gosh, i've been in a funk lately too! i think just starting small like cleaning up the area around you, doing the dishes, the laundry, cleaning up the room, and putting things away. then go on a walk and read ONE good book. sometimes we get in these funks because we have put others in front of ourselves for too long. you need to rejuvenate yourself and then everything will get better. what books are you reading!?! i'm in need of a good read :)
    xo TJ

  10. Just wrote a post about this today, too funny! I love to run to get out of a funk.

    You're blog is beautiful!


  11. Usually if I'm in a funk, I allow myself to FEEL it and go through it. So many times we think we need to force ourselves (those books for instance) to do, but we don't. Sometimes we NEED to just BE. Sometimes our bodies and spirits are screaming at us to just be and rest. And it can be healthy to just sort of go through and feel it, and you will find that you might be growing in a way you didn't realize, and you will gain a lot during the time....
    gosh, did any of this make any sense?!! xo

  12. plain and simple, i try to learn something new. to exercise a new muscle is always soooo life-affirming. i felt like this last spring and i started taking ballet classes. and now it has blossomed into a habit of taking swing and salsa and contra dancing and it has only made me realize how freeing a simple thing like taking a class can make all the difference :)

    sending you lots of love, dear.

  13. Funks are the worst, especially if you dont even quite know why you are in one in the first place! I get out of funks by putting my efforts into a new project or looking through pretty things for inspiration! I find when I am excited about something new, the bad usually goes away! The picture is absolutely beautiful by the way!
    Hope you are having a great, non-funky, Monday!
    xo Hannah


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