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Tuesday, May 1, 2012






The weather has turned, and with it has come a distinct shift. More time spent indoors, rugged up and drinking copious amounts of tea. And much more time spent in the kitchen; this weekend I made enchiladas, bread pudding, peanut butter cookies and veggie pot pie. I love the feeling of puttering around the kitchen and making yummy food.

Despite the cooler weather, I did make it out for a very short bushwalk. I met the cutest cat along the way, and pined for the day I own a pet again.

Getting outside, away from cars and people, makes such a difference to my mood. From now on, I'm going to make it a priority, rain or shine. Hope you all had beautiful weekends!


  1. i love those paws! the composition makes such a sweet picture. and i agree...i definitely need to go out on my own & explore the world just a little bit every day to keep this engine running, happy & smooth.

  2. nothing puts me in a better mood than getting outside for some sun. all the food you make sounds delicious!

  3. ohhh i love those sydney bushwalks. i love your photos xx

  4. that is an important resolution really, it clears my mind too, seeing the horizon and breathing pure air, smelling trees and flowers, listening to the birds and bugs, that's all so great! Here's quite cold already, brrrr.

  5. I'm visiting home. And dreadfully missing socal weather. Texas heat. Gets me every time.

  6. what pretty pictures! I love the kitty too! thebluekazoo

  7. Love the photos! I agree, getting outside is huge for me. Food helps too, and it sounds like your making lots of good stuff!

  8. Such lovely photos! Your kitchen creations sound so delicious right now!

    I have definitely been enjoying the outdoors lately when I need a study break. A nice long walk really does the trick. :)

  9. Yeah I feel you! Spring is somewhere else...but nowhere near London, it back to Winter here, strange strange.
    But I just posted a little list of things that cheer me up.

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