my life in iphone photos round 15

Monday, May 7, 2012

embroidering in bed, opening party at sukha mukha yoga

sadhana kitchen, aurora borealis leggings

i love frangipanis, lettuce in the backyard

lilies, veggie pot pie

pink & blue, australian sky

organizing, leggings in my drawer

homemade orange and beet juice, i don't think that mexican & chinese should be fused...

heart hanging from the kitchen window, sydney

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  1. i love your embroidery in bed! it's beyond darling. and the painted teal cans are so sweet. can't wait to have a big window to put tin canned flowers in! xo.

  2. leggings in my drawer, love IT.

    did i tell you i learned to embroider? If you "like" C.B on FB I posted a few pics last week of me learning!! How long have you been doing it? My mother in law taught me and I am hooked, I so adore it and want to do more and more and keep learning. Is this a little kit or did you do this on your own? It's so so pretty and cute!!!

    That flower is so pretty, I don't think we have those here in the states..

  3. Oh, I do not think Mexican and Chinese food should be fused either. Awesome on their own but I can't even imagine them together.

  4. I love these sweet photos Gaby... and I'm with you chinese & mexican food (eep!) should definitley not be fused together... I can't even imagine it. And those Gerbers + painted tins, prettiest thing ever!! Smooches! V

  5. love your garden.
    and i'm beyond jealous of that pot pie, it looks awesome

  6. i just found your blog and am loving it :) seems like such a cheery place! and you are a canadian, even better! these shots are fabulous too.
    xo dana

  7. going to follow you right now! :)

  8. those first 2 pics are pretty awesome

  9. love all of your pictures! so jealous of your cute little lettuce garden :-) and i'm with you, mexican + chinese doesn't sound too good!

  10. Gorgeous photos! Mexican and chinese definitely shouldn't be fused...that homemade juice is making me thirsty...and the frangipani is beautiful, don't think I've ever seen one before.


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