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Friday, June 1, 2012

photo by Sonja Sipala

One of the things I've realized while being home is that I think you could plop me in nearly any yoga studio in the world and I would feel at home. Sure, the teachers are different, but the incense smells the same, the props are familiar and the feeling I get from practicing is just as good.

I've even heard from people who have taken class in a different language while traveling that it's surprisingly easy.

To me, that's amazing. Yoga is so universal.

Another thing I'm noticing is that it's nice to take a step back and just be a student for a while. When something that you love also becomes your job, there's certainly a potential for burnout. I felt it just before I left Sydney. I was disillusioned and took a big step back from yoga world.

Thanks to this time in Vancouver, I'm feeling re-energized and inspired to come back and teach in Sydney. Today, I even had the pleasure of meeting this wise lady, who I'm looking forward to studying with in the future. Life is good.


  1. I did my prenatal training with Janice! I hope you are enjoying your break and beautiful Vancouver :)

  2. interesting insight - i've only done a little bit of yoga, and kept getting corrected because apparently dancers do everything wrong when it comes to yoga - it i'd love to get into it!

  3. I definitely agree with you.. the smells, the flow, the comfort... all feel the same no matter what studio you're in.

  4. my sister actually just moved down to mexico for the summer to teach yoga. how amazing is that!!! i really need to get into it!
    xo TJ

  5. this is so so true! i felt this when i felt the depths of homesickness of moving to massachusetts from florida last year. whenever i was homesick, yoga seemed the natural solution to it. funny how that is?

  6. beautiful! wish you could teach me : ) i'm stuck with dvds, haha.

  7. Gaby, help! I started yoga last September, so I'm still a newbie, but I recently moved away from my favorite studio to a place where there is NO studio. :-( I really miss yoga class and have contemplated subscribing to online classes. What's your take? Do you have any recommendations?

    Because of my dance background, proper alignment and getting the foundations came easily to me. I just want to stay active and centered. Blast you, small town!


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