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Monday, July 23, 2012

apple crumble


This weekend was a wellies and peacoat kind of weekend. A weekend of sniffles, a sore throat and a cold I've been trying to shake. So I stayed close to home and drank lots of green smoothies, coconut water and warm, comfort foods.

Last night I felt like baking so I whipped up a simple crumble with the apples I got at the market earlier that day. I used this recipe that I've posted before, just swapping the pears for apple slices. Though I have to say, if you like topping, you may want to double just that part of the recipe. Either way, comfort food at its finest!


  1. Sounds amazing! I used to eat apple crisp all the time as a child.

  2. Apple crisp is so easy to make and its soooo warm and yummy! Nice photos.

    Quiet Luxury

  3. I usually add a few pieces of toffee, which give a delicious taste too! I also have the apple crumble with some blackberry ice cream - some indulgence is never wrong!

  4. Apple Crumble is one of my absolute favourite winter desserts. Perhaps I'll bake one this week sometime... I hope you feel better soon! I always recommend loads of chilli, garlic and ginger, packed into whatever meal you plan on eating. It usually works a treat :) Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon! the crumble will def help.
    One of my favourite treats.
    i got a cold too... even had to call in sock at work which i NEVER do.
    bit after 1 hot week Croatia and one super cold week back to London it got me. Now that I have a cold the weather is great over here, grmpf.

  6. Bummer you were feeling so bad this weekend. Glad you took some time to rest.

    That apple crumble looks delicious. It's so great that you just adapted it from the pear recipe. I love it when recipes are versatile like that. :)

  7. yum YUM! I've made a similar apple dish two Sundays in a row now, so good! But your recipe with the nuts and the pears and berries sounds incredible!! definitely will be trying it next :)

    and Gaby thank you so much for your sweet comment on my latest post... you will be an incredible mom someday, I have no doubt :) xoxo

  8. Your blog is the most beautiful, cute, inspiring i've seen! really i love it!!!


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