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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lately, my inbox has been getting quite a few questions about yoga. All kinds of questions, from 'what are your favourite yoga books?' to 'how can I practice yoga at home?'

It got me thinking that perhaps I should have a whole post where I answer your yoga-related questions, or maybe even a whole yoga themed week on my blog. So I'm opening it up to you, dear readers. If you have a question about yoga, ask me in the comments section or email me at

If I don't know the answer, I will find it!


  1. I am going to start taking yoga classes at my local gym on tuesday and thursday evenings! Once I start, I am sure I will have a question or two for you!

  2. Great idea for a post! What are some videos you would recommend for an intermediate-ish level of difficulty? I've been taking a few different kinds of classes on and off for the last 3 years and I'd say power yoga is my favorite.

    Thank you! :)

  3. I want to exercise somehow pregnant! I hear yoga is great for that but I can't afford taking classes. Thoughts? :)

    Also, you are absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Here's more fun question,
    What's your most embarrassing moment with yoga?

  5. What are your favourite clothes to wear while you're practicing? And I agree with the video question. I can't afford to take many yoga classes and would love suggestions of videos to do at home.

  6. I have so many yoga questions! My boyfriends mom is a yoga therapist and I feel like I am constantly thinking of questions, but always forget to ask! A couple that come to me right now are:

    What are some of the most beneficial poses for destressing? especially for someone sitting at a desk all day?

    I practise daily, but sometimes find it difficult to quiet my thoughts and even when trying to focus on my breath, think of a million things. Do you have any suggestions for easing this?

    Would you recommend Bikram style yoga? I tried it in the winter, and liked it...but I live in the desert in AZ, and in the summer the thought of heated yoga when it's 110 outside makes me nauseus!

    Thank you so much for opening up to questions! I love your blog :)

  7. Thank you for answering my e-mail so thoroughly! I love your idea of starting an on-going series on your blog that answers all the questions you're getting!

  8. I'd love to hear about the music/ playlists you use while teaching/at home!


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