do you have a morning ritual (part 2)?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just over a month ago, I wrote about trying to establish a morning ritual for myself. The most important thing to me was to try not to start my day by checking my iphone. Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, this was much harder than I thought!

My morning rhythm is still very much a work in progress, but there are a few things I've discovered:

  • scraping my tongue and brushing my teeth first thing makes me feel better
  • skin brushing before showering is nice and quick, and definitely worth it
  • I'm the kind of person who needs a huge breakfast, sometimes two if I have to wake up very early
  • staying off the internet makes my brain feel sharper
  • using Dr Hauschka skincare has made me really slow down and enjoy this part of my morning
That said, after a month of experimenting, here's my updated morning rhythm:
  • wake up between 6 and 8 am depending on when I'm teaching
  • scrape my tongue and brush my teeth
  • drink a cup of hot water with lemon while reading a book or writing in my journal
  • make breakfast and a cup of tea
  • if I have time, do some simple yoga stretches or sun salutes
  • brush skin, wash face (a multi step process) and have a shower
  • get dressed
Of course, some mornings when I have to be out the door before 7 am there's just not time for everything. Those days I do what I can, and let go of what I can't. So tell me, how's your morning ritual going?


  1. It's not. Big fail. My biggest problem is how tired I am constantly. My second biggest is my iPhone. And they kinda work together to bring me down. I Think I'll start charging my phone in another room!! About skin care, I recently switched to just oil. It's amazing. It's like a mini facial every day. I read a blog post about it on simple mom and it's fantastic. And it works for me even though I have oily skin. I'll have to check out skin brushing and the tongue scraper thingy.

  2. it's been said that it takes twenty one days to form a habit. i am so set on my morning routine, that even a slight change makes me feel stressed out. best of luck with establishing a routine and let us know about the progress.


  3. I wish I was dedicated enough to have a morning ritual like you. It seems like most of my mornings are just spent trying to get out of the door on time. Maybe I'll use yours as inspiration!

  4. your morning routine seems really great. i think i'm going to look more into tongue scraping and skin brushing. right now, i'm just working on not getting on the internet every morning before class.

  5. I'm just starting to adjust mine after a heinious couple of months of morning sickness-with-iphone-perusing-lie-ins. I'm finding getting out in the garden first thing, before the traffic noise has started and after breastfeeding my litle one, all of us pj's still and drinking decaf coffee is hitting the spot. If i had a framed copy of that BEAUTIFUL photo of yours i expect i'd incorporate a little picture gazing too!

  6. what a nice morning ritual! it sounds so relaxed and pleasant.

    i hate rushing in the mornings, because it makes for a stressed day. i usually wake up around 7:30, brush my teeth, do some stretching, dress and check my emails while i eat cereal. i know a lot of people think checking emails is bad in the mornings, but i love getting mail. i love seeing what has been going on in the world while i've been sleeping. it's my chance to get caught up and prepare for the day--plus mail is just exciting :)

    but maybe i should shut my computer and do some yoga instead. your routine sounds so much nicer than mine!


  7. my morning ritual usually involves running around the house like a crazy person, making lunches, grabbing breakfast, bags, homework... where are the shoes? where are my keys?

    to have time to relax I'd have to get up at 6am, and bed always seems better at that time.

    btw - just discovered your blog and I'm enchanted, it's lovely! i always love reading about folks in the southern hemisphere and enjoying their seasons vicariously.

  8. i love my morning ritual. in college, it was great - lazy coffee, getting ready, taking my time - but now, even though i am a bit more rushed, i enjoy EVERY moment of it. i am such a morning person and you're making me realize how much I actually love it!

    ciao from your newest follower...i am in love with your blog. it's gorgeous.

  9. Your morning ritual is soooo good. I think it's really important for people to have routines in the morning to get them going for the day. Shoot, I need to start doing yoga stretches like you!

  10. so interesting to learn gaby!

    Ok, well I first snuggle with Nells, a lot. make coffee, then I check email and FB, have breakfast, then I do a devotional/read, write and pray.
    I adore my morning ritual, they are the best aren't they? So comforting!

    I would like to work in some light yoga in there too:)

  11. Our routines sound very similar!!

    Haven't moved to tongue scraping yet, but I always brush it with my brush :P

    Also haven't kicked the morning internet time, and I KNOW it makes me feel calmer for the day if I simply have a little quiet time :)


  12. My morning ritual lasts until 12:00 am. My babe is totally nocturnal so we like to sleep in late. So, I guess it's not really a morning ritual haha

  13. I could fall in love with the table and setting alone.

    Nina x

  14. I haven't heard of tongue scraping, but I have heard of tongue brushing. Ditto for skin brushing, both look very interesting and I will look up on it. I saw the video for the Dr Hauschka morning cleansing routine and it was a real eye opener.


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