taking it easy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photos taken at the market by husband. Shots set up by me, still working on manual. Still not quite happy but getting closer...

Husband and I have been taking it so easy lately. After being wiped out by a killer cold last week and still having to teach heaps of yoga classes, I needed to spend the weekend recovering. Other than teaching yoga, Saturday and Sunday were spent napping, reading good books, skyping, baking, and going for a wander at the markets. I picked up my favourite green drink from Common Ground, fresh pasta, veggies and devoured a yummy tofu burger for lunch.

This week I hope to slow down even more, bake some bread, nap some more. Yes, that sounds perfect. Hope you're having a wonderful start to your week!


  1. We are sick here too in this household... taking it easy today is on my agenda! Glad you could have such a blessed weekend... sounds pefect!

  2. I am home with a sick little one, listening to the wind howl outside and having fun in the kitchen. Sometimes it is so good to be forced to slow down.

  3. Easy weekends are THE best! Hope you feel so rested for the week :)

  4. I like your sweater. Hope you had a nice weekend. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  5. keep practicing and take as many photos as possible. i never took any photography classes and really started from the beginning. everything i know, and that is not nearly enough, i taught myself by trial and error. it takes time and a lot of persistence. enjoy your lazy/slow days.


  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend, Gaby.
    Sam and I are reveling in weekend siestas in the afternoon sunshine at the moment. The joy of spring!

    Thumbs up to you and Husband in collaboration of these photos!

  7. i always wanted one of these cute little cups! Your necklace is so pretty! hope you are better and the cold is long gone.


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