at the pool

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's amazing how the weather can change in a week in this city. Last Friday I was complaining about the cold; this Saturday I whinged about the heat (it reached 33 degrees in Sydney!) until husband took me for a swim. It definitely felt like the first summer weekend. We spent our time puttering around the house replacing heavy duvets with lightweight blankets, eating ice cream and enjoying lazy afternoon siestas.

On Saturday, when the heat got to be too much we headed for an outdoor "pool" and rejoiced in the cool breeze and cooler water. It was exactly what I needed.

Tonight we'll watch Homeland, my new favourite show, and I'll eat a hot fudge peanut butter brownie sundae. Homemade, of course.


  1. A fudge peanut butter brownie sundae sounds to die for!! These pictures are lovely, meanwhile in the UK, everybody's got their best woolly hats on =) x

  2. Hooray! Beautiful being in the water is the best.

  3. I am loving that summer has finally come around. Unfortunately, summer also means storms and we have been hit quite heavy with some hail yesterday.

    I love homeland, so intense! and the sundae sounds amazing!

  4. Hot fudge, peanut butter brownie sundae... my mouth is a-watering! x

  5. This sounds like the most perfect weekend!! I'm a teensy bit jealous :P Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams
    The Shaanti Project <--If you're reading this, you should like this page :D

  6. What a fun weekend!Oh, and Homeland became a favorite of mine as well ;)


  7. Mmm, now I want some peanut butter brownie sundae. Any sundae actually.

    How lovely was Sat's weather?! I love though the water is still to cool for my liking though. Great pics!

  8. that pool looks heavenly! so glad you had a great weekend gaby!

  9. Gaby, I love the name of your blog! So cute :) I was in Sydney this past June so it was chilly but I'd love to visit in warmer weather and take a dip in one of those beautiful outdoor pools in Bondi Beach!

    It's only 10 am in NYC but now you've got me craving a brownie sundae... and homemade?! Your husband is a lucky man ;)

  10. that pool looks amazing! sounds like you had a great day!...yay for summer

  11. thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet comment. you have such a beautiful and inspirational blog!!! looks like you had a wonderful weekend. enjoy the beginnings of summer...and those hot fudge peanut butter brownie sundaes sound heavenly! :)

  12. That looks so lovely and refreshing! Wish I was there.



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