bloom where you're planted

Friday, October 5, 2012

I've lived within the same area of Sydney for over 4 years now. And because I'm a daydreamer, I often find myself longing to be somewhere else. We drive south and I fantasize about living in a little cottage near the beach in a small town. I go to Bali and I dream about spending 6 months in the hills of Ubud, spending my days doing yoga and relaxing. My husband and I drive to the northern beaches and we talk about how maybe, just maybe, we should pack up and move there, closer to a daily swim.

But the fact is that for now, we're not moving. We have a lovely, spacious apartment in a great part of town. We're close to our friends, we've been here long enough that we know the local shopkeepers and restaurant owners, we're near our work, and we even have a spare bedroom. I have nothing to complain about.

So I'm reminding myself daily to 'bloom where I'm planted.' Words that stuck with me from the book Down to Earth. Rhonda Hetzl writes: "I cannot stress enough that simple living is not about a particular geographical location [...] A simple life can flourish anywhere." (p. 15).



  1. Hi! i just started following you and really love your blog. It is so easy to have a "grass is greener" attitude no no matter where you live because that is just human nature. The beauty of life is that you can live in a wonderful place with a spare bedroom and shopkeepers you know, but still explore the world and experience new places through travel. I always find myself wishing I could live in Europe but every time I take a trip there I realize after a while that I miss familiarity and home. Great post! I'm Lauren by the way :)

  2. Indeed making the most of ever single opportunity there is...right where you are. Living your life fully each day, right where you are. For sure, but I think we are alike in that way, I long to move to many different places all the time, it's like a deep desire within, so I can relate cutie.


  3. The quote (if we can call it that) is very strange yet beautiful on its own way.

  4. Lovely post! I always daydream about the same thing. It's either moving into a big city or settling down at a lake house in the country or a beach house where the sea is just outside my door. I'm learning to love where I live; I'm near my friends and family, but I still can't help dreaming. :)

  5. totally agree with you, this has happened to me too...great post!

  6. That quote was on the wall in my kitchen my entire childhood. It means the world to me! What a lovely and thoughtful post. :)

  7. i've been uprooted quite a few times, so it's difficult for me to adapt that quote into my own life. i'm always daydreaming and imagining myself living someplace else, even though i'm surrounded by great friends and a loving family.


  8. I understand that restless feeling. But, that is so great that you are positive about your life because it sounds like you have been blessed with a very good life. No life is perfect, but it's only as good as we determine to make it. I strive to life a beautiful, peaceful, and awesome life that I won't ever regret. I also am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ which is the reason why my life is the way it is: blessed, beautiful, and happy.


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